Low To Medium Pressure Surface Preparation
Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Surace Preparation
Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning
Pipe Cleaning & Flushing
Drain & Sewer Cleaning
Tank Cleaning
Hydro Abrasive Cold Cutting & Slurry Blasting
Concrete hydro demolition
Pile Driving Assistance
Under Water Maintenance

Hydroflow have served the industrial services industry since 2002, from the year of our conception. We have supplied high pressure pump units up to 15,000 psi with suitable accessories for a multitude of projects ranging from internal pipe cleaning to surface preparation of concrete prior to coating applications. The mainstay of our business has been supplying ‘multi gun’ high pressure pump units and accessories for our clients to undertake surface cleaning of work areas, floor areas, tank cleaning, ship hull washing, concrete scarifying, external and internal tube cleaning and external shell cleaning, drain and sewer cleaning etc. The list of projects utilizing our support services and our equipment is continuing to grow year on year. Hydroflow utilize the best of equipment and search for improvements through being a ‘hands on supplier’ working alongside with many of our customer’s at site helps us learn and better our services. When a combination of parameters including, horse power, pressure and flow are combined to undertake a multitude of tasks, Hydroflow ensure you get the best out of the equipment we have available and at the right price.